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Startups in Indonesia Turn to HRIS Cloud Computing to Cut Their Operating Costs

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Startups in Indonesia Turn to HRIS Cloud Computing to Cut Their Operating Costs | Gadjian | Hadirr
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As cloud computing gains its popularity among Indonesian companies in recent years, more and more startups turn to HRIS (Human Resources Information System) cloud computing, leaving their in-house HRIS system, to follow the trend. Not only more efficient operation-wise, but the use of a cloud-based system is also claimed to lead to cost savings. But how?

The use of cloud storage means that companies could cut their spending on hardware management as well as maintenance. The cut on operation costs entails that the savings could be focused on enforcing their business growth. Therefore migrating to cloud computing is a clever choice for any business that aims to expand further.

According to IBM Indonesia’s country manager for cloud and solutions, Lianna Susanto, the cloud service would be useful to support enterprises with flexibility and offer the opportunity to step up the business process. On this regard, the migration to cloud computing does not exclude cloud-based HRIS, which allows startups to manage their employee data more quickly, efficiently, and economically.

How Startups in Indonesia Benefit from Cloud-Based HRIS Cloud Computing

For the sake of cost-efficiency, various startups in Indonesia have used two cloud-based services, Gadjian and Hadirr, to help them better manage their human resources and, at the same time, cut their operation costs. Public and private companies have used Gadjian as human resources management and payroll software. This technology allows companies to keep track of employees’ pay and income tax deductions, loans, attendance records, sick and leave days, and personal details—all in accordance with the labor law in Indonesia.

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Meanwhile, Hadirr monitors the performance of mobile and remote employees as well as multi-branch offices. With biometric technology, Hadirr provides Indonesian startups with convenience and accuracy by allowing employees to clock in or record their sales call from the mobile app.

As the leading HRIS cloud computing service in Indonesia, Gadjian and Hadirr do not target specific industries, but startup companies from various industries in Indonesia have gained significant benefits from using these applications.

Beyond The Cost Reduction

As mentioned earlier, the cloud-based HRIS cloud computing enables cost-saving through the reduction of hardware cost. As human resources management is hosted remotely in the cloud, there is no need to invest in server installation, hence also reducing the maintenance costs.

Beyond the cost-saving benefit, HRIS offers the capability to ease the workload, accelerate HR processes, and improve overall productivity. With all the supporting features, these technologies become HR solutions in Indonesia, providing startups with capabilities to better support HR management. Adding to that, the cloud-based technologies are accessible anytime and anywhere, which is significantly helpful for HR decision-making. 

Among leading startups in Indonesia, cloud-based HR solutions are increasingly used as a transformation accelerator, improving the quality and efficiency of services at reduced costs. Not only this technology facilitates the calculation of payroll in Indonesia, but HRIS cloud computing also offers wholesome advantages that enforce the company growth in the long run.

With technologies provided by Gadjian and Hadirr, a suite of HR solutions to manage payroll in Indonesia that is cloud-based and easily accessible, all while adapted to the local labor law, HR-related process does not have to be exhausting and time-consuming anymore. There is no point to waiting any longer. Let’s have a talk or better yet, try Gadjian and Hadirr now! 

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