News Spreads Out that Selfie is The Hottest Attendance System in Indonesia

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Although the trend is more popular among younger generations, anyone with a smartphone has the power to take a selfie. Selfies are usually taken to capture the best moment and show the best version of oneself. People take a selfie, for example, to capture themselves being in a popular location, sightseeing panoramic views, having fun with friends, dining in a fancy restaurant, or all of them. 

The trend has somehow shifted in the past years, where more and more people are not hesitant to take a selfie capturing the not-so-awesome moments. We take selfies not only in panoramic locations but also in ordinary places, including cars, classrooms, homes, not only while we’re having fun, but also when bored, sad, exhausted, and even when working. 

If we look at the motivation, people may take selfies simply to express themselves, to build their self-image, or to get attention. Regardless of the intention, taking selfies is fun.

While selfies are becoming a regular habit, at the same time, face-based biometrics are increasingly used to access digital identity and devices. Face recognition now begins to replace fingerprints, PINs, and even passwords. The use of face-recognition technology is also expanding, not only limited to unlocking smartphones. These days, we can even take attendance with a selfie

Need to clock in for work? Open your front camera and tap! This simple yet sophisticated attendance system is made possible by, among others, an app called Hadirr, a brilliant solution to monitor employee’s attendance.  This app allows mobile workers and remote employees to clock in with a selfie, while the company’s admin monitors the attendance real-time through an online dashboard.

Attendance System Made Easier with Hadirr’s Face-Based Biometrics Technology

Attendance system is crucial to monitor employee’s performance, which is part of HR’s manager’s duties. If you are running a small office with less than 50 employees and all the works are done within the office environment, tracking attendance might not be an issue. However things can get tricky when your employees are not physically present. How do you track their attendance? This is where Hadirr comes to the rescue. Allowing employees to clock in with a selfie, the app works seamlessly in monitoring attendance of not only employees who are mobile and remote, but also those working on-site but spread at multiple office branches.

But how does this work? Doesn’t the app require you to go online? If workers are sent to locations with bad reception, wouldn’t the app be useless anyway?

Fortunately, Hadirr has special features that will address all these concerns. First, Hadirr can function in offline mode to enable attendance input without an internet connection or even phone credit. Just snap a selfie, and the system will record your attendance with a status “waiting for approval” until you find a good enough reception to go online. Second, in case you forget to take your phone with you, Hadirr has a feature called “hitch” that allows you to use your co-worker’s smartphone to clock in.

In the end, with everything being online and readily accessible only by installing Hadirr mobile attendance application, companies will be able to cut spending on hardware installation and maintenance. Less hassle for the employees and more savings for the company? Yes, please! Wait no more, get your hands on Hadirr now!

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