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A Startup’s Guide to Payroll Outsourcing in Indonesia

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Online Payroll Sofware to Help Your Business Grow in Indonesia - Gadjian

In an ever-changing market, it’s important to value every time you have as a company owner, much less a foreign startup company expecting to penetrate the Indonesian market. There are a few things to consider beforehand.

Firstly, know all the HR regulations and labor law in Indonesia. Inability to act or work in accordance with applicable laws may lead to problems with authorities. And this can threaten the continuation of your startup in Indonesia. Make sure that you have figured those all out with your legal consultant. Or better yet, you can use an experienced service to help you out in the first place. When everything is under control, you can save much time by not letting the work interrupted by legal problems.

Secondly, familiarize yourself with payroll outsourcing. This is better be done before establishing a company in Indonesia, so you can prepare whatever you need in advance.

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Outsourcing is the way to go as it is widely known that back office duties can be tough sometimes. And most of them are time consuming because they require extra focus on details. Using outsourcing company, you let more experienced third party to take over those time-consuming jobs. The outsourcing company will provide the employees as well as handle them. All you need to do is give clear instruction on what it is exactly that you need, and let them do the rest. The advantage to using such service, aside from saving time, is you don’t have to worry about payment. Everything will be handled by the outsourcing company. This way, you can focus on doing some more important things in the business.

It is true that every company wants the best, so it’s natural to choose bigger, more established outsourcing companies to make sure everything is handled well. However, if you’re a startup, it’s advisable to work with another startup. Even though some startup outsourcing companies may not be big or popular yet, that doesn’t stop them from being professional. There are a lot of recommended outsourcing companies that are thriving.

For legal duties, you can choose HukumOnline or Kontrak Hukum. Both offer services in legal supports. As for recruitments, EKRUT and Glints can be taken into consideration. The system is quite the same with aforementioned legal outsourcing startups. Lastly, for HR and payroll outsourcing, there is Gadjian.

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Gadjian is a payroll software that helps you with payments and anything related to employees. No longer there is a need to use Excel formula to determine hourly, monthly or even yearly wage. This HR software is also able to automatically categorize the income tax expenses by the earnings. Calculating effective tax rate is no longer a headache with Gadjian on your side.

This HRIS online app helps you budget employees’ salary into obligations that require payment, such as BPJS dues, retirement gratuity or other reductions as well as any addition to the fixed salary.

Every employee and worker’s data will be recorded in Gadjian’s server for safety. This app uses cloud-based service so you can be sure that everything relating to HR duties is under control. It’s good to know that Gadjian is crowned the best online payroll software these days. Try and prove it now!

Payroll Software Indonesia Untuk Mengelola Keuangan & Karyawan Perusahaan, termasuk perhitungan PPh 21, perhitungan BPJS, dan perhitungan lembur | Gadjian


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