The Good, The Bad, The Ugly: Work Culture in Indonesia

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Indonesia’s economy offers plentiful opportunities for venture capitalists, investors and fresh graduates from universities across the globe. As opportunities increase, the challenges to HR management in Indonesia increase with time. One of the challenges that you need to tackle is dealing with the work culture in Indonesia. Unlike in developed country where the best talents compete with each other to prove themselves, Indonesian labor market is still considered immature and have a significantly different work culture. There are few things that you need to know regarding the Indonesia work culture.

Lack of Ambition

While the best talents usually go overseas seeking a better opportunity, Indonesia is often left with ‘second layer of talent’ with some of them lacking in terms of knowledge and skill. This can get worse since Indonesians do not want to fight to be the best. A lot of Indonesians have a state of mind where they are comfortable with their average job and would want to stay in their comfort zone as long as possible. They don’t like changes and don’t go the extra mile to be more successful. Very often, they choose to simply go with the flow.

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Afraid to Speak & Express Themselves

Many companies hope that their employees can come up with some brilliant ideas or feedbacks to improve a project or even the company as a whole. Yet, you might not see this in Indonesia due to our shy or sungkan culture. Indonesians are afraid to be judged as the “Mr/Mrs. Know-It-All” by their colleagues, and they often do not have the gut to go against their bosses.

Hard Feeling

Indonesians are also a society where people take everything to heart and do not see things objectively. In other countries, giving some warnings to under performing staff and confronting someone about their dissatisfying works are something that we see on a day to day basis. But, it’s not something that you will see in Indonesia. This is quite a problem where everyone cannot get an honest feedback regarding their job, thus make it harder for company to make progress on their work.

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It is true that not every worker in Indonesia behaves this way. Yet, a culture is a culture, and it is not hard to see that most people just follow the shaped pattern. Dealing with all these staffs might be a big challenge for your company when you are thinking to set up a business in Indonesia. While you are busy managing the entire company to adapt and grow, facing this kind of bad working culture will definitely slow down your performance.

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