Focus yourself on setting your company’s strategy; let Gadjian manage your boring HR stuff!


Integrates with Hadirr, Payuung, Mandiri Cash Management, Jurnal, Flip and Fingerprint, Gadjian manages routine personnel administration such as payroll calculation and payment, attendance management and employees benefit with only a few clicks.

Hadirr is a cloud-based and mobile-based attendance solution for mobile workers, remote employees, and multi-branch offices. Hadirr works by utilizing GPS and face recognition (biometrics) to prevent fraud.


Hadirr and Gadjian integration enables you to import attendance record from Hadirr to Gadjian, and employees’ salary is done in a flash! Go to Hadirr now for more information.

How It Works: Import and report!

Hadirr provides employee’s attendance summary; attendance days, attendance hours, and overtime hours. ou only need to import attendance summary from Hadirr into Gadjian, and attendance-based income is automatically generated.

Payuung is the first financial and wellness platform in Indonesia that offers employee benefit solutions to create a work life balance. Payuung also provides business support solutions to maintain your business cashflow.


Connected with Gadjian, Payuung provides various solutions for companies and employees. You can provide work rewards, insurance benefits, investments, pension funds, and loans of up to Rp. 300 M. Business loans are also available to support your company with conventional or sharia system. Visit Payuung now for more complete benefit information.

How It Works: Provide the best benefits for your employees

Every Gadjian account will be connected to Payuung. Activate your account and complete the data, you can immediately apply for various available solutions.

Flip is a money transfer service to many bank accounts at a more competitive fee.


By using Flip on Gadjian, you can save up to 60% on sending salaries to various bank accounts. Salary transfer is done with one click!

How It Works: Practical and cheap salary transfer

Paying salaries with Flip Gadjian is very fast and easy. After finished payroll calculation , you can transfer employee payroll by selecting "Pay salaries". Transfer the total salary to Flip account, and Flip will disburse the salary to employee's account within 30 minutes.

Fingerprint is a device to record attendance which is quite popular today.  With this technology, employees can record their attendance at the office and the data will connect to Gadjian real-time.


Gadjian can receive attendance data in real time without manual processing. All attendance data transferred automatically real-time, and you will save your time!

How It Works: Record realtime attendance with preferred fingerprint

Gadjian can connect to several types of fingerprints, including the Solution type X100C, X401, and Fingerspot All Revo series (fingerspot machine that supports easylink & has a button to change attendance mode). Connect your selected fingerprint to the local server, and data transfer will be done automatically in real time.

Mandiri Cash Management is a system which enables companies to monitor and execute banking transactions through their own PCs.


Gadjian users who own Bank Mandiri accounts can directly transfer employee’s salary from Gadjian dashboard.

How It Works: Practical and cheap salary transfer

Authorized Gadjian users who bank with Mandiri can execute salary payment to all employees only with a few clicks of a button on Gadjian platform.

Brankas is a system that bridges companies to make instant salary payments through the Gadjian platform to their Bank Central Asia (BCA) account. With this feature, the payroll process can be done easily and quickly on one platform, instantly and economically.


Brankas' collaboration with Gadjian makes it easier for companies to transfer salaries to Bank Central Asia accounts instantly at Gadjian at a more economical cost.

How It Works: Simplified with Instant Payroll

Companies registered at Gadjian that use Bank Central Asia (BCA) can easily transfer their employees' salaries. Gadjian Admin can send salary when all payroll calculations have been completed, Admin can carry out the authentication process and start sending employee salaries. Employees who have received a salary will receive a notification from the safe and the employee's salary slip will be available on their personnel portal.